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Its no secret that Beyondnlp’s unique training enables you to reach a new level. This also applies to Beyondnlp graduate and former Wiggles director, Mike Conway. After graduating from Gordon Young’s courses, Mike Conway started xVenture, a company that works with organisations to build winning mindsets.

In 2016, Mike joined Sydney FC as their chief Mindset Coach. Sydney FC went on to win a historic A-League titles, breaking countless records during the season.



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NLP increases your understanding of yourself and others, amplifying your strengths and teaching you how to overcome your limitations. At Beyondnlp, we’ll help you set achievable goals and increase your capacity to work with a range of people, the precursor to greater personal and professional success.

Mike Conway
Adjunct Professor at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and Sydney F.C. Mindset Coach
CEO of the Year 2016 APAC Awards

Personally Endorsed by Well-Known Ericksonian Scholar

“I was there when NLP was created back in the 70s. As I travel around the world, NLP has evolved and I’ve met some exceptional trainers that coach with compassion and with integrity. One of those trainers is my friend and colleague Gordon Young in Sydney. If you are in Australia, and want to do NLP, you should definitely look at the Beyondnlp program.”

Bill O’Hanlon, Student of Milton Erickson, Creator of Solution Oriented Hypnosis and author of 34 books on change

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Outcome Based NLP Training

Beyondnlp is different from any other school, because we base our courses on what delivers genuine results for you. Our training includes emotional intelligence, leadership, advanced communications, hypnosis, strategic psychotherapy, quantum physics and the work of Eckhart Tolle to enhance your NLP experience. This blend of approaches offers a more holistic and practical form of NLP, ensuring that everyone gets the outcome they desire.

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Gordon is a great practitioner, communicator and trainer! I still understand only a fraction of what Gordon can actually achieve through his training and professional work and yet the potential is mind blowing.

Simon Franklin

My only regret is not having done this course years ago as I now know I could have eliminated the stresses you often place on yourself and others as you advance up that corporate ladder.

Narelle Campbell


At Beyondnlp, we understand different people learn in different ways. We offer several different stepping-stones with varying degrees of exposure and time commitment into the subject, these enable you to develop at a pace that is completely right for you.