Beyondnlp is Australia’s leading Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training provider, with more than 14 years experience. It is a division of the Epiphany Learning Group, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO # 70206) with the Australian Government.

Our NLP and strategic approaches have been tried, tested and proven for thousands of companies and individuals just like you.

Beyondnlp is different from any other school because we base our courses on what works and delivers genuine results. Our training includes emotional intelligence, leadership, advanced communication skills, strategic coaching, quantum physics and neuroscience to enhance the NLP experience.

This blend of approaches offers a more comprehensive and practical form of NLP, ensuring that everyone gets the outcome they expect.

You Are in Good Company

Our Experience

There are many NLP training providers offering courses around Australia. You would be well advised to do your homework on any training provider before signing up for an NLP course! Google them, talk to them, maybe even meet with them.

Gordon Young is the founder of Beyondnlp and has been training NLP Practitioner and Master courses for 14 years. He also provides fully nationally endorsed training in Hypnotherapy, Coaching & Psychotherapy, as well as running practice in Elizabeth Street for one on one coaching.

Beyondnlp is an internationally recognised training provider and Gordon is globally respected in his training and practice.  As former Chair of both the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and the President of Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH). Gordon has held a unique position in this profession and as a leading trainer in the industry has a key focus on training standards.

Gordon is also a clinical supervisor for the Australian Hypnotherapy Association, and has spoken at several international conferences with the very best change practitioners on the planet.

At Beyondnlp we believe in truly supporting our trainees during and after your training. Our group sizes are not too big so that you will be individually supervised by your trainer (and not an unqualified assistant). Our policy is to provide training to the absolute quality that you need & individually tailored to your specific needs.

Gordon is a dynamic trainer, using a balance of theory, demonstration and practice work to allow for absolute understanding of how you can use NLP in your every day life and to improve your interpersonal communication skills in your career.

Gordon counts Olympic Medallists, C level and senior executives, Sales, Marketing, HR and Customer Service Managers, University lecturers, doctors psychologists and well known celebrities among his graduates. Check out the What Graduates Say.

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Our People

Gordon Young

B.A (Education), Dip. Behavioural Sciences, Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Diploma of Counselling & Interactive Psychotherapy, Master NLP Practitioner & Milton H Erickson Foundation Graduate
Director & Head Trainer

Angelica Martini

B.A Business, Brazil
Enrolments & Student Liason

Melissa Mcleod

Dip. C.H.S.P, Dip NLP & Coaching
Trainer & Graduate Coaching Quantum Programme

Claudia Madison

Dip NLP & Coaching, Gallup Certified
Gallup Strengths Coach – Quantum Programme

Hendrik Kruizinga

B.A Undergraduate (Economics), Cert IV Business, NLP Practitioner
Marketing & Communications

Emma Sue San

BA Psychology, Diploma of Education, Postgraduate Dip. Psychology, Graduate Dip. in Developmental Trauma, Dip. Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy
Trainer & Assessor

Paul Hughes

MBA, CPA, Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma of NLP, Leadership and Coaching
Trainer & BeyondCoach

Susy Natal

BA Psychology, Diploma of NLP, Leadership and Coaching, published author, former Miss Australia Finalist 2008
Trainer & BeyondCoach

Gordon has a magical ability for game-changing, especially in the area of altering the way in which the mind thinks and reacts. I can highly recommend him whenever you are needing to flick the switch to more effective modes of thinking, whether it’s at a personal, professional, or business team level.