About Gordon Young

Hi, I’m Gordon Young. Founder and CEO of Beyondnlp. I will be your Personal NLP Trainer should you choose to come and take a course with us.

My ultimate goal is to facilitate a heightened level of personal awareness and effectiveness in all my students and I believe our branch of NLP provides the fastest, most advanced way of achieving this. The techniques taught here have not just transformed individual lives, but also the lives of the people surrounding our students, positively affecting entire families and organisations.

Your NLP training draws upon my experience of running an award-winning business, my professional training as a teacher and hypnotherapist, and my profile in the media. I have successfully delivered NLP training for many years to both business, government and private clients.

However the best way to discover if I am the right trainer for you is to meet me directly at one of our after-work seminars, or make an appointment to come in to the office for a chat, where we will explain how NLP works and what you will gain from attending one of our courses. You can ask your questions and we can establish whether we are the right “fit” for you.

Gordon Young
Head Trainer at Beyondnlp

Gordon Young is one of our country’s most experienced and acclaimed NLP trainers. He is Australia’s only trainer to have studied at the prestigious Milton H. Erickson Foundation in Arizona; the birthplace of modern NLP.

I personally believe that NLP is the study of YOU. Given that you are the source of all of your future success, if you don’t understand how your mind works or how to effectively direct it, you are unlikely to reach anything close to your potential.

I deliver all of the NLP training myself to ensure that you get the outcomes you want. It is very important to me that you get NLP in a way that you can apply it to your own life in real world situations.

For us at Beyondnlp, the future is actually quite predictable. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it!”. My unique NLP coaching approach will show you how.

Let’s begin creating the new you today.

I was there when NLP was being created back in the 70’s and it had a profound impact on me. It boosted my confidence in the work I did and gave me tools that I use to this day. Unfortunately, here in the States, NLP got a bad reputation, mostly due to the cavalier, arrogant and sometimes aggressive attitude of some of the early practitioners. However, as I travel around the world, NLP has a much better reputation and I have met some exceptional trainers abroad that really do it well, with compassion and with integrity. One of those trainers is my friend and colleague Gordon Young in Sydney Australia. If you are in Australia, and want to do NLP, you should definitely look at the Beyondnlp program.