NLP Training for Leadership & Executive Coaching

What if the skills, beliefs and processes of the world’s leading figures were accessible to you?

What if your leadership potential could be reached in just days instead of years?

What could you achieve?

Beyondnlp’s executive training is the fast track to becoming an outstanding leader in the corporate world. Our NLP EQ1 Practitioner Certification and Strategic Coaching qualification uses systematic techniques to elevate your role within organisations, giving you an edge on your competition. Apply it to your own chosen career goals or use it to become an agent of change for others.

Executives, CEOs, Directors and Entrepreneurs have one thing in common; they are in the business of achieving their goals. With NLP, you’ll have the tools to expertly guide yourself through the competitive corporate world, empowering you to achieve more than your set goals.

A High-Yield Investment in Yourself

We have the most expert faculty in Australia. If you want the ability to train your brain to get great results, our Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) certifications are designed to be the best investment you will ever make in yourself or your organisation.

Any successful endeavour is achieved through extraordinary personal effectiveness, and when you complete the Beyondnlp leadership training, you will learn how the extraordinary think, feel, communicate and strategise.

MBA Professor Claims Beyondnlp is World Class

To see how Beyondnlp can transform your leadership skills, watch the video featuring Mike Conway, Adjunct Professor at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and CEO of the Year 2016 APAC Awards.

Mike Conway, Adjunct Professor at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management

High calibre training with one of Australia’s 100 Leaders

Gordon Young, our director, was selected as one of Australia’s 100 leading figures with the likes of Steve Waugh (former Australian Cricket Captain) and Ronni Kahn (Ozharvest), in the first study of effective leadership of its kind in the world.

He is also the only Australian NLP trainer to have been accepted in to the Milton H Erickson Foundation in Phoenix Arizona, the original source of NLP. This is a pragmatic form of NLP and at least 70% of course time is devoted to practical application, be it personal or professional.

We count Olympic medallists, board level and senior executives, university lecturers, doctors, psychologists and well known celebrities among our graduates.

Our NLP Leadership Model

Beyondnlp’s NLP training is invaluable to executive and business leaders, because it teaches that you have far more control of your domain than you think. You’ll meet like-minded individuals in our classes, which are coached and supervised by Gordon Young. A dynamic trainer, Gordon uses a balance of theory, demonstration and practice work to allow for absolute understanding of how you can use NLP in your everyday life. Enabling you to dramatically improve your interpersonal and business  leadership skills in your career.

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Our Winning Strategies

This has been a revelation. The lessons for leadership abound, and it is an extraordinary opportunity to review your habituated responses. The enormous potential we all have to stretch ourselves and bring our teams and organisations with us becomes self evident. I am very very impressed.

Gordon is a great practitioner, communicator and trainer! I still understand only a fraction of what Gordon can actually achieve through his training and professional work and yet the potential is mind blowing.  He is passionate about helping people and changing lives which I have experienced first hand.

Courses Ideal for Leadership

NLP Practitioner Certification – Sydney

An internationally recognised 8-day course which integrates the best NLP concepts, providing you with the awareness, skills and confidence necessary to generate more effective outcomes in your life.

Course is split into two four-day modules:
Module 1: March 23-26 2018
Module 2: April 13-16 2018

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NLP Practitioner Certification – Melbourne

An internationally recognised 8-day course which integrates the best NLP concepts, providing you with the awareness, skills and confidence necessary to generate more effective outcomes in your life.

Course is split into two four-day modules:
Mod 1: August 3-6, 2018
Mod 2: September 28-1 October, 2018

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NLP Master Practitioner Certification

An advanced 8-day course invaluable for managers, consultants, coaches, corporate trainers or anyone who has completed NLP Practitioner. Master Practitioner can fast-track career development options through our NLP certification at a Master level.

Course is split into two four-day modules:
Mod 1: May 4-7, 2018
Mod 2: May 18-21, 2018

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NLP Facilitator Training

A unique 4-day course ideal for facilitators who wish to become even more creative and persuasive, combining tried, tested presenting and stage techniques.

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NLP Strategic Coaching

Beyondnlp’s Strategic Coaching is ideal for life coaches, business coaches, personal trainers, managers, therapists and more.

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