Become a Certified Master of NLP and BE EXCEPTIONAL

Are you looking to take your NLP to the next level?  This course is invaluable for established practitioners, consultants, coaches, public speakers, corporate trainers or anyone who has completed NLP Practitioner and is looking for the best way to fast-track career development options through our NLP certification at a Master level.

If you’re looking for advanced NLP techniques and quality training, this course is right for you. The NLP EQ2 Master Practitioner is ideal for those serious about integrating NLP into their career or life at a deeper level. Participants in this course will learn a modelling process that allows them to turn any skill or expertise into a workable resource using a proven model of excellence.

About The Course

An advanced 8-day course invaluable for managers, consultants, coaches, corporate trainers or anyone who has completed NLP Practitioner. Master Practitioner can fast-track career development options through our NLP certification at a Master level.

$4980 AUD
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What You’ll Learn From the NLP Master Practitioner Course

  • Effective patterns of thinking, communicating and behaviour
  • Advanced language patterns to help get your message across
  • The power of harnessing “imitative modeling”
  • Secrets to delivering compelling courses
  • Fluency in linguistic persuasion for better debate and resolution skills
  • Ways to install beliefs into group sessions for improved management
  • How to automatically adopt master-trainer states
  • Foveal trance techniques
  • Learn how to emulate the success strategies of others
  • Sleight of Mouth – 16 eloquent patterns of persuasion
  • Cognitive Filters – 16 key distinctions in understanding what drives people
  • Graves Hierarchy of Values of Societies for personal typing and understanding how groups and organisations operate
  • Eliciting and if necessary changing your values (an essential for anyone aspiring to coaching)

This has been a revelation. The lessons for leadership abound, and it is an extraordinary opportunity to review your habituated responses. The enormous potential we all have to stretch ourselves and bring our teams and organisations with us becomes self evident. I am very very impressed.

Bonus training material valued at $3,935 included

At Beyondnlp we want to you get the most out of your NLP Masters training, which is why we provide extensive Audio Visual materials in addition to the face to face so you can more reliably integrate these advanced NLP techniques in the future. You’ll have access to key materials which, ensuring you maintain the effectiveness of the course throughout your life.

We have put together over $3,935 worth of FREE audio, visual and reading material which you will receive in your training.

  • Full Video Programme covering the entire Master Practitioner – Valued at $2,490
  • Revised NLP Master Practitioner Manual – Valued at $550
  • Audio Recordings of entire NLP Master Practitioner Course Valued at $895

Benefits of Committing to the NLP Master Practitioner Course

Create & Manage High Performance Environments

  • Improve your results as a leader
  • Motivate and engage with staff
  • Create innovative solutions to challenges
  • Have courageous conversations Implement the most advanced 6 step Goal-setting strategies available (CLEVER OUTCOMES)
  • Build high performance team
  • Manage change and uncertainty more effectively
  • Improve the culture
  • Enhance client and stakeholder relationships
  • Become a relaxed and excellent presenter
  • Change your behaviour so you can secure optimum performance in others

Discovering Natural Strengths and Talents

We know you have strengths. We also know you probably don’t know how you do something well, and why it goes astray occasionally. We focus on helping you understand your non conscious patterns so you can activate them more consistently. What would it be like if instead of just tripping over it from time to time, you could access the ZONE regularly and deliberately.

The Beyondnlp Difference

Gordon Young is the founder of Beyondnlp and has been training NLP courses for 15 years. He provides nationally endorsed training in Hypnotherapy, Coaching & Psychotherapy, as well as running a reputable Elizabeth Street clinic for one on one clients.

Beyondnlp is an internationally recognised training provider and Gordon is globally respected in his training and practice, holding over six different leadership positions on various NLP and Hypnosis committees in the past 10 years.

Enjoy a Relaxed Learning Environment

If you want the best NLP Certification in Australia, our training course is internationally recognised and taught by Gordon Young, the only NLP trainer in Australia to have be accepted in to the world renowned Milton H Erickson Foundation in Phoenix Arizona, the birthplace of NLP. Each class is held in a comfortable and relaxed setting at the Sydney University Campus, only 15 minutes from the CBD.

Our Testimonials

I have done virtually the full suit that Beyondnlp delivers. Despite a wide range of corporate experience and executive training I have never come across such a well integrated collection of programmes and insights. The masters was the skeleton key to sustainable achievement for me. Simply life changing!

I have attended courses by other globally recognised NLP teachers including one of the founders of NLP and I have to say, Gordon’s course’s are by far the best I have experienced. My journey since working with Gordon has lead to many amazing highs linked to a series of wonderful changes that together have built a fantastic life for me.

Gordon is absolutely at the top of his game, not just in Australia, but globally.

One of the core learnings for me was that flexibility of behaviour is probably what makes the key difference between a leader and a manager. The learnings in the course allowed me to see that you can as a business person, and as a team within a business, actually actively disrupt a situation or an environment, and that’s really where the breakthroughs and successes happen.

I think Gordon and his team break down the barriers of communication that frequently exist within organisations in a way that allows for common ground, a common language and a common approach to business challenges.

I would recommend this approach to all levels within a business and to people that genuinely want to create positive change in their lives.

The Beyondnlp Difference

Unrivalled Value

Enjoy special entry prices for our NLP Practitioner if you book early. Full packages include complete course audio and video so you can review on your phone or tablet at any time.

Government Accreditation (RTO #70206)

Being government accredited you are safer with us because we are held to higher standards of ethics and delivery than ordinary NLP schools.

Learn from the Best

Lead trainer, Gordon Young, is the only NLP trainer in Australia to have been accepted into the Milton H. Erickson Foundation in Phoenix, the source of NLP!

Uniquely Beyondnlp

We teach you 18 change techniques, 9 of them are unique to Beyondnlp! We teach you the steps for success. One of the keys is the ability to choose your own responses and manage your own communication; both verbal and nonverbal.

Authenticity & Longevity

We do what what we say, and say what we do. We provide you with ongoing student support on the phone, in person or by using our Online Resource Library. Gordon Young, our lead trainer is also available outside of class.

Future Pathways

People who know training recognise the value of our training. The full graduate pathway includes NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer’s Trainer and NLP Strategic Coaching Certificate.

Gordon is a great practitioner, communicator and trainer! I still understand only a fraction of what Gordon can actually achieve through his training and professional work and yet the potential is mind blowing.

Simon Franklin

My only regret is not having done this course years ago as I now know I could have eliminated the stresses you often place on yourself and others as you advance up that corporate ladder.

Narelle Campbell