Diploma of NLP and Coaching
Transform lives including your own

  • Want to be a life coach, business coach or improve your management skills?
  • Do you want to choose your own income and have flexible work hours?
  • Do you want to help others transform their lives?
  • Want to kiss your day job goodbye?

Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world today. Coaches can earn between $1,500 to $3,000 per client for standard life coaching. The problem is, most standard life coaching courses will not prepare you to deal with most client concerns. That’s why Beyondnlp offers a Diploma of Strategic Coaching that will teach you how to be the best coach you can be.

On top of this, Beyondnlp’s Strategic Coaching includes the addition of our unique Goal Setting System. You’ll also learn about the Beyondnlp Strategic Power Questioning System, whilst our NLP Rapid Change techniques will allow you to expertly guide your clients toward better outcomes. With these systematic techniques to break down and disrupt problems, you will feel confident to handle any client that walks through your door.

About The Course

Beyondnlp’s Strategic Coaching is ideal for life coaches, business coaches, personal trainers, managers, therapists and more.

$2980 AUD
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There are just 3 Easy Steps to Becoming
an Inspirational Coach

Step 1: NLP Practitioner  +  Step 2: NLP Master Practitioner + Step 3: Strategic Coaching =
Diploma of NLP and Coaching

What You’ll Learn From the NLP Strategic Coaching Course

  • Communicate effectively as a coach using a wide range of powerful questioning and listening techniques
  • Create inspiring goals with your coaches using the CLEVER OUTCOMES Model
  • Motivate your coaches to sustain progress towards their goals
  • Create new awareness in your coaches or how to overcome any obstacles they encounter
  • Develop an ability to have shorter conversations with more impact
  • Access to a variety of additional business tools and support/supervision services post-training
  • New ways to manage priorities, worry less about details, and feel less overwhelm
  • Experiential training with practical life coaching skills that can be used immediately
  • Improved relationships with direct reports, peers, and supervisors
  • Think about thinking, Listen for potential and Speak with intent
  • Individualised Gallup Strengths profiling
  • Create new thinking in your clients
  • Develop a clear coaching structure for each session and all the documentation to start a coaching company the day after the course concludes
  • Establish a coaching relationship and build up trust

Gordon’s teaching of NLP was positively life changing for me. He delivers massive value because he doesn’t just get the ‘theory’ it’s something he uses regularly to help clients breakthrough.

I’ve attended other trainings on this topic, and Gordon’s NLP course is the only one I recommend to my family, friends and clients.

Benefits of Choosing the NLP Strategic Coaching Certification

How do we know we have that Edge? We’ve Tested it!

Xventure is a corporate challenge designed to promote experiential learning, test problem solving skills, and build teams. It forms part of the MBA programme at Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

This is a prestigeous event, and many teams practice for months in the lead up. Beyondnlp fielded a team of NLP Practitioners who met at the registration desk for the first time. Incredibly, we won the event by such a significant margin that the organisers conducted a survey on the psychometrics of the team.

A High Calibre, Leader-Rich Environment

Gordon Young, our director, was selected to represent this field by the creators of the 100 Leaders programme, the first study of effective leadership of its type in the world.

He is the only Australian NLP trainer to have been accepted in to the Milton H Erickson Foundation in Phoenix Arizona, the original source of NLP. This is a pragmatic form of NLP and at least 70% of course time is devoted to practical application, be it personal or professional.

We count Olympic medallists, board level and senior executives, university lecturers, doctors, psychologists and well known celebrities among our graduates, and features in the 100 Leaders Programme.

Creating Tomorrow’s Leading Coaches

Beyondnlp offers specialist one-on-one attention before, during and after class each day. Our group sizes are ideal so that you will be individually supervised by your trainer and not unqualified assistants. Our team runs a very experiential form of NLP and subscribe to the view that, “knowledge is not power, the application of knowledge is power.” Application is the key, and the strengths and experience of your trainer is an essential ingredient to your future NLP success.

Training Elite Sports Mindset Coaches

Its no secret that Beyondnlp’s unique training enables you to reach a new level. This also applies to Beyondnlp graduate and former Wiggles director, Mike Conway. After graduating from Gordon Young’s courses, Mike Conway started xVenture, a company that works with organisations to build winning mindsets.

In 2016, Mike joined Sydney FC as their chief Mindset Coach. Sydney FC went on to win a historic A-League titles, breaking countless records during the season.

“People like Mike Conway talk to us. It’s a confidence thing and we have that belief in each other. It’s not just physically but mentally, it’s put belief in everybody. We know that we can run a game out and score goals whenever we put our minds to it. That’s the main difference.”

Sydney FC player Rhyan Grant, speaking of Beyondnlp graduate and xVenture owner Mike Conway

Our Testimonials

Gordon is an amazing trainer! I ended up doing the full Diploma of NLP and Coaching and each module brought new revelations that challenged what we thought was possible. I never imagined that one human being could have such an insight into human behaviour, or master communication with such nuance and purpose. You start to learn that everything Gordon does, every gesture, every utterance, every exercise is carefully crafted to enhance your learning experience.

If you want to do NLP, especially for professional applications, do it right. This is mastery on a level that you have to see to believe.

The Beyondnlp Difference

Unrivalled Value

Enjoy special entry prices for our NLP Practitioner if you book early. Full packages include complete course audio and video so you can review on your phone or tablet at any time.

Government Accreditation (RTO #70206)

Being government accredited you are safer with us because we are held to higher standards of ethics and delivery than ordinary NLP schools.

Learn from the Best

Lead trainer, Gordon Young, is the only NLP trainer in Australia to have been accepted into the Milton H. Erickson Foundation in Phoenix, the source of NLP!

Uniquely Beyondnlp

We teach you 18 change techniques, 9 of them are unique to Beyondnlp! We teach you the steps for success. One of the keys is the ability to choose your own responses and manage your own communication; both verbal and nonverbal.

Authenticity & Longevity

We do what what we say, and say what we do. We provide you with ongoing student support on the phone, in person or by using our Online Resource Library. Gordon Young, our lead trainer is also available outside of class.

Future Pathways

People who know training recognise the value of our training. The full graduate pathway includes NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer’s Trainer and NLP Strategic Coaching Certificate.

Gordon is a great practitioner, communicator and trainer! I still understand only a fraction of what Gordon can actually achieve through his training and professional work and yet the potential is mind blowing.

Simon Franklin

My only regret is not having done this course years ago as I now know I could have eliminated the stresses you often place on yourself and others as you advance up that corporate ladder.

Narelle Campbell