Whether you want to dabble or put together a bespoke certification, we’ve got you covered. Look at what we offer below. If you aren’t sure if anything is the right fit for you, then call us and let’s talk about what we can do, and if it is right for you.

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NLP Training

NLP Practitioner Certification

An internationally recognised 8-day course offered in Sydney and Melbourne which integrates the best NLP concepts, providing you with the awareness, skills and confidence necessary to generate more effective outcomes.

  • Want more out of life?
  • Want to access your full potential?
  • Are you tired of settling and want to create a life on your own terms?

If you want the most highly regarded NLP certification in Australia, look no further than Beyondnlp. Our courses are internationally recognised and taught by Gordon Young, the only NLP trainer in Australia to have been accepted into the world renowned Milton H. Erickson Foundation in Phoenix Arizona, the birthplace of NLP.

We have cherrypicked the top NLP practices to ensure this is a highly experiential and outcome driven training. Expect this training to provide you with the awareness, skills and confidence necessary to generate more effective outcomes in your life.


Module 1: Aug 10-13, 2018
Module 2: Aug 24-27, 2018

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Are you looking to take your NLP to the next level? This course offered in Sydney is invaluable for established practitioners, consultants, coaches, public speakers, corporate trainers or anyone who has completed NLP Practitioner and is looking for the best way to fast-track career development options through our NLP certification at a Master level.

If you’re looking for advanced NLP techniques and quality training, this course is right for you. The NLP EQ2 Master Practitioner is ideal for those serious about integrating NLP into their career or life at a deeper level. Participants in this course will learn a modelling process that allows them to turn any skill or expertise into a workable resource using a proven model of excellence.


Mod 1: Nov 2-5, 2018
Mod 2: Nov 23-26, 2018


NLP Strategic Coaching

  • Want to be a life coach, business coach or improve your management skills?
  • Do you want to choose your own income and have flexible work hours?
  • Do you want to help others transform their lives?
  • Want to kiss your day job goodbye?

Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world today. Coaches can earn between $1,500 to $3,000 per client for standard life coaching. The problem is, most standard life coaching courses will not prepare you to deal with most client concerns. That’s why Beyondnlp offers a Diploma of Strategic Coaching that will teach you how to be the best coach you can be.

On top of this, Beyondnlp’s Strategic Coaching includes the addition of our unique Goal Setting System. You’ll also learn about the Beyondnlp Strategic Power Questioning System, whilst our NLP Rapid Change techniques will allow you to expertly guide your clients toward better outcomes. With these systematic techniques to break down and disrupt problems, you will feel confident to handle any client that walks through your door.


Nov 9 – Nov 12, 2018
1:00pm – 8:00pm

Diploma of NLP and Coaching

Did you know coaching is now the 2nd Fastest Growing Industry in the world? Coaches can earn between $1,500 to $3,000 per client for standard life coaching…
The problem is, most standard life coaching courses will not prepare you to deal with most client concerns. That’s why Beyondnlp offers a Diploma of Strategic Coaching that will teach you how to be the best coach you can be.


One intake per year

Diploma of NLP, Leadership and Coaching

This Diploma combines all of the NLP based training we do into one grand certification.
It is designed for those who are aspirational and want to become an expert in this field. All of our trainers and coaches have come from the alumni of this diploma group, and once you are part of this alumni, you get access to international speakers, and can join our ongoing QUANTUM Programmes.

Emotional Intelligence

EQ Certifications

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with Beyondnlp Your Path to Self Leadership Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is defined as “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.”

A raft of research now suggests that EQ far outweighs IQ when it comes to an indicator of your capacity to be successful in life. In essence, EQ is an intrinsic component of our NLP programme. NLP techniques are arguably the most effective way to develop EQ in yourself or your child, and you will receive a Level One Certificate in EQ along with your NLP Practitioner Certification.

Our Master Practitioner Certification (advanced NLP) is accompanied by a Level Two Certificate in EQ.

How Good is Our EQ Programme?
You might like to know that aspects of our EQ training have been incorporated into some University MBA programmes.

EQ Certifications included in NLP Certifications


Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy (10450NAT)

Enrol Now and Get Started Today on Your Way to a Government Accredited Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy (10450NAT) Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Upon completing of this Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy, you’ll be able to work with clients using cutting edge hypnotic methods, and an advanced psychotherapy model that makes problem assessment easy and reliable. Professional Practice Development We will give you specific insights into setting up a successful practice upon completion of the course Start your online component TODAY Rather than waiting for the face-to-face modules to start, 6 of the 12 competencies can be completed online with access to online videos, resources and text-books sent to you upon enrolment. That means you can start studying anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. Call us on 1300 745 486! Enrol now, start TODAY!


CH Mod 1: 21–24 Sep, 2018
CH Mod 2: 26–29 Oct, 2018
SP Mod 1: 16–19 Nov, 2018
SP Mod 2: 7–10 Dec, 2018


CH Mod 1: 6–9 Jul, 2018
CH Mod 2: 10–13 Aug, 2018
SP Mod 1: 21–24 Sep, 2018
SP Mod 2: 12–15 Oct, 2018


CH Mod 1: 22-25 March, 2019
CH Mod 2: 3-6 May, 2019
SP Mod 1: 31 May-3 June, 2019
SP Mod 2: 5-8 July, 2019


CH Mod 1: 27–30 Jul, 2018
CH Mod 2: 17–20 Aug, 2018
SP Mod 1: 31 Aug–3 Sep, 2018
SP Mod 2: 28 Sep–1 Oct, 2018

Diploma of NLP and Hypnotherapy

Why would you want to?
According to the World Health Organisation Depression is now the greatest source of suffering in the world. Anxiety among young millennials is a growing concern and recent studies have shown that 1 in 4 children between 8-14 years old are cyberbullied every few weeks. 84% of adults are unhappy with their work life situation, and over 40% of current Australian jobs will be gone by 2025 (CNET study published 2015).

What does all of this mean?
This next decade there will be a growing need for therapists and coaches, with the effectiveness that NLP and hypnosis offers, to help people negotiate their way through redundancies, difficult parenting issues and the host of inevitable problems that come with people self-medicating with alcohol, cigarettes, food and other substances.

Kiss Your 9-5 Job Goodbye!
Combine the amazing change techniques of NLP with the power of Clinical Hypnosis and you have a winning combination. This is a fast and reliable pathway in to the personal development field. Choose your own hours and your own income. Become your own boss and organise your work-life around your family or interests.