Sharpen the saw and become the leader and presenter you always dreamed of.

Like it or not, your ability to present your ideas and influence people is an essential skill, especially if you want to climb the corporate ladder or build your own business.

Facilitator Training is a skills based approach to presenting ideal for those who wish to become even more creative and persuasive. It offers a combination of tried, tested and proven presenting and stage techniques, seeking to enhance any individual strengths you have. If you want to promote your abilities within a corporation, Facilitator Training will show you how to present effectively, creatively and persuasively, enabling greater corporate success.

If you are aspiring to become a practitioner or a coach, or run some other form of enterprise it is also essential to be able to present effectively, creatively and persuasively. We have developed this Facilitator Training Programme to provide you with these skills and more.


A unique 4-day course ideal for facilitators who wish to become even more creative and persuasive, combining tried, tested presenting and stage techniques.

  • Prerequisite: NLP Practitioner Certification
  • Sydney University
  • Nov 30 – Dec 3, 2018
    1:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Certifies you as an NLP Presenter
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Your NLP Coach, Gordon Young

I personally believe that NLP is the study of you. Given that you are the source of all of your future success, if you don’t understand how your mind works or how to effectively direct it, you are unlikely to reach anything close to your potential.

I deliver all of the NLP training myself to ensure that you get the outcomes you want. It is very important to me that you get NLP in a way that you can apply it to your own life in real world situations. Read more about Gordon.

Let’s begin creating the new you today.

What You’ll Learn From the NLP Facilitator Training Course’

  • How to project confidence and be heard everywhere in the room
  • How to judge the mood of your audience & to adapt your presentation to engage them
  • How to structure effective content delivery and planning
  • How to set the tone for the audience
  • How to communicate effectively with your body language
  • How to use advanced persuasion language patterns
  • How to deal with difficult audience members
  • How to make a keynote address
  • How to stay on point when questions or comments distract
  • How to utilise technology and props for best outcomes
  • How to deliver your message creatively and accommodate different learning styles
  • How to deliver crucial presentations without the meltdown
  • How to do public speaking engagements and presentations requiring creativity
  • How to inspire and engage audiences
  • How to design your presentation so it is fluid & engaging

Gordon’s teaching of NLP was positively life changing for me. He delivers massive value because he doesn’t just get the ‘theory’ it’s something he uses regularly to help clients breakthrough.

I’ve attended other trainings on this topic, and Gordon’s NLP course is the only one I recommend to my family, friends and clients.

Benefits of Committing to the NLP Presenter Training Course

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