Diploma of NLP and Coaching
Transform lives including your own

  • Want to be a life coach, business coach or improve your management skills?
  • Do you want to choose your own income and have flexible work hours?
  • Do you want to help others transform their lives?
  • Want to kiss your day job goodbye?

Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world today. Coaches can earn between $1,500 to $3,000 per client for standard life coaching. The problem is, most standard life coaching courses will not prepare you to deal with most client concerns. That’s why Beyondnlp offers a Diploma of Strategic Coaching that will teach you how to be the best coach you can be.

On top of this, Beyondnlp’s Strategic Coaching includes the addition of our unique Goal Setting System. You’ll also learn about the Beyondnlp Strategic Power Questioning System, whilst our NLP Rapid Change techniques will allow you to expertly guide your clients toward better outcomes. With these systematic techniques to break down and disrupt problems, you will feel confident to handle any client that walks through your door.


Beyondnlp’s Strategic Coaching is ideal for life coaches, business coaches, personal trainers, managers, therapists and more.

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Your NLP Coach, Gordon Young

I personally believe that NLP is the study of you. Given that you are the source of all of your future success, if you don’t understand how your mind works or how to effectively direct it, you are unlikely to reach anything close to your potential.

I deliver all of the NLP training myself to ensure that you get the outcomes you want. It is very important to me that you get NLP in a way that you can apply it to your own life in real world situations. Read more about Gordon.

Let’s begin creating the new you today.

There are just 3 Easy Steps to Becoming
an Inspirational Coach

Step 1: NLP Practitioner  +  Step 2: NLP Master Practitioner + Step 3: Strategic Coaching =
Diploma of NLP and Coaching

What You’ll Learn From the NLP Strategic Coaching Course

  • Communicate effectively as a coach using a wide range of powerful questioning and listening techniques
  • Create inspiring goals with your coaches using the CLEVER OUTCOMES Model
  • Motivate your coaches to sustain progress towards their goals
  • Create new awareness in your coaches or how to overcome any obstacles they encounter
  • Develop an ability to have shorter conversations with more impact
  • Access to a variety of additional business tools and support/supervision services post-training
  • New ways to manage priorities, worry less about details, and feel less overwhelm
  • Experiential training with practical life coaching skills that can be used immediately
  • Improved relationships with direct reports, peers, and supervisors
  • Think about thinking, Listen for potential and Speak with intent
  • Individualised Gallup Strengths profiling
  • Create new thinking in your clients
  • Develop a clear coaching structure for each session and all the documentation to start a coaching company the day after the course concludes
  • Establish a coaching relationship and build up trust

Gordon’s teaching of NLP was positively life changing for me. He delivers massive value because he doesn’t just get the ‘theory’ it’s something he uses regularly to help clients breakthrough.

I’ve attended other trainings on this topic, and Gordon’s NLP course is the only one I recommend to my family, friends and clients.