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The Benefits of NLP

The Real benefits of NLP

The benefits of NLP is too many. Too many in fact that it is not easy to write them all down in this article.

While most of us have goals, most of us end up stuck in a pattern of negative thinking or unproductive behaviours that sabotage our success. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a specialized area of study focusing on breaking through negativity and reprogramming the mind and body to achieve its goals. More information on what is entailed in NLP and how it can be used is listed below.

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a skill set that is designed to help you improve the way you communicate, lead and influence, and has been used as an effective resource since the 1970’s.

Two of the key principles underpinning NLP are:

1) That success doesn’t necessarily come from your intelligence or your education. It comes from the relative effectiveness of habituated unconscious patterns you run daily. These habituated patterns influence our decisions and what we believe to be true, hence creating our outlook on life.

Perception is everything they say. A pessimist sees the world a specific way, and an optimist can look at exactly the say situation and see things very differently. This is learnt behaviour that leads to predictable outcomes. A pessimist can work as hard as they like to succeed, but will typically struggle compared to an optimist because their inner dialogue tends to flag risk rather than an opportunity.

2) That success can be modelled. NLP contends that if you model your behaviour after someone who is already experiencing success, you can be successful as well. This might mean that you need to tackle self-sabotaging or avoidant behaviours, but Neuro-Linguistic Programming has specific rapid change techniques to change almost any internal process.

What Benefits Can NLP Provide?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help you improve your communication and influence by improving your ability to read and predict the responses of others. Great communicators understand people and know how to reach them with their message.

In fact NLP researchers have studied the most influential orators throughout history, people like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, and discovered that they all naturally ran patterns of communication that were inclusive of the majority of their audience, bypassed objections, and painted very emotive pictures of their concerns and their vision of the future. In short, they moved people, but their strategies (whilst largely unconscious to them) have been broken down and taught to others using NLP.

The unique skills learned in an NLP training can be applied to virtually any aspect of life, be it running a business, playing a sport, or improving one’s health. Below, we will discuss how NLP can help in five different areas of life.

Benefits in Business

To pillars of business are sales and management. Since both sales and management deal directly with forming relationships with others, your ability to is integral to your success. NLP can teach improved communication, management, leadership, and coaching skills for those who need help with the advancement of their careers.

Benefits in Coaching

Coaches need to be able to help people get out of their own way. NLP furnishes the coaching world with an arsenal of techniques to challenge people’s blocks and excuses and has something called a well-formed condition, and a process by which a coach can establish the true legitimacy and value of goal pursuit with their clients. At Beyondnlp we have taken this a step further by creating a model called CLEVER OUTCOMES, which some have said is the most advanced goal setting model they have ever seen.

The Benefits of NLP in Sports

Sports requires determination, resilience, sacrifice and dedication. Some sports require teamwork whilst others are very individual, but ultimately no matter what your pursuit, the capacity to harness the mind consistently is a crucial skill. The techniques taught in NLP can help sports people rehearse for success, improve their teamwork skills, and even assist those who are returning from injury.

Benefits of NLP in Health

Many people have a desire to improve their health, but they don’t know where to begin. The process of doing so can be very overwhelming. The techniques taught in NLP can help sufferers cope more effectively with chronic illnesses, or gain control over unhealthy habits like smoking or emotional eating.

Benefits of NLP in Education

NLP is widely used in the field of education today. The skills learned in NLP can help students conquer learning disabilities, improve concentration, and neutralise negative thoughts. There is no such thing as a slow learner in NLP. You either have developed effective strategies for learning, or you don’t.

NLP and children

Sometimes children think they cannot learn because they don’t do well in school, but NLP focuses on resource and an NLP Practitioner will want to know where you have learned something effectively. Everyone is good at something. It might be around gaming, or skateboarding or something else but it still had to be learned. Whether it is valued by others or not is a separate issue.

As you strive to have more success in your personal and professional life it is easy to get frustrated when you aren’t achieving as you want or expect. Neuro-Linguistic Programming can provide practical training that can help you to retrain your thought and behavioural patterns to align with the attainment of your personal, professional, and relationship goals.

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