NLP Training for Personal Development
Be Extraordinary

If you feel that despite all of your education there is something missing?

It’s probably because you were never taught how to use our minds to best effect.

NLP is the study of extraordinary people, how they think, feel, how they make decisions, their patterns, beliefs and values. You have the most sophisticated mechanism in the known universe sitting inside your own head, but it did not come with a manual. Our NLP Practitioner makes you aware of your unhelpful unconscious patterns and provides the techniques to change them – fast!

Reduce stress, build confidence, increase communication skills and calm your busy or critical mind. Our NLP toolkit has a series of techniques to help you master these aspects of your life. For us NLP is skill-based learning and must be delivered experientially. Over 70% of class time is dedicated to practical interactive exercises ensuring you get the most of your each module. Learn the life skills you never learned at school and start creating a dynamic future.

If this is what is important to you, then you have come to the right place.

Training Tailored For You

At Beyondnlp we believe in truly supporting you during and after your training. Our group sizes are ideal so that you will be individually supervised by your trainer and not an unqualified assistant. Our goal is to provide training individually tailored to your specific needs. When you take part in Beyondnlp training, you will not only learn how to understand, adjust and improve your thoughts and responses, but also recognise the critical nuances of language so you can communicate with yourself and others more effectively.

What Problems Does NLP Resolve?

  • Uncover the real reasons why you get stuck
  • Tame the critical voice
  • Manage your stress effectively
  • Exercise great choice in the way your respond to events
  • Work out why your relationships don’t always work out as you would like
  • Redirect your avoidance patterns
  • End hopelessness and negativity
  • Learn to step back from your first response and choose a useful response
  • Manage difficult people
  • Park the overanalysis and excessive negative emotion

NLP is for Everyone, Including You!

Let us be clear; we believe that NLP is an essential Toolkit. We believe that every person starting with teenagers needs to know what our NLP Programme teaches you.

Why? Because most of us were never taught the core skills of self management. We don’t pro-actively make great decisions and grab life by the scuff of the neck. We don’t have significant goals or a purpose, most aren’t happy in our jobs or relationships, and instead we focus on what we don’t have and can’t do!

NLP gives you the tools to more consistently direct your own mind, and therefore your life.

Rapid Change Techniques Taught by Australia’s Best

Most NLP techniques are fast and effective. Most will take just a few minutes, and give you an unrivalled toolkit to carry you through to an extraordinary future. You can mitigate unhelpful beliefs, thoughts and negative emotions.

You can change the way you look at the world and turn yourself from pessimism and negativity, to positivity and optimism. In just days you can start reaching your potential and start living a purposeful life.

I was there when NLP was being created back in the 70’s and it had a profound impact on me. It boosted my confidence in the work I did and gave me tools that I use to this day. Unfortunately, here in the States, NLP got a bad reputation, mostly due to the cavalier, arrogant and sometimes aggressive attitude of some of the early practitioners. However, as I travel around the world, NLP has a much better reputation and I have met some exceptional trainers abroad that really do it well, with compassion and with integrity. One of those trainers is my friend and colleague Gordon Young in Sydney Australia. If you are in Australia, and want to do NLP, you should definitely look at the Beyondnlp program.

I completed NLP Practicioner Course with Beyond NLP. My parents did the course and it had an amazing impact on our family and the way we live our lives. I found the course inspiring and it gave me practical tools to apply NLP in my own life. I would highly recommend to others seeking personal or professional development.

Courses Ideal for Wellness

NLP Practitioner Certification – Sydney

An internationally recognised 8-day course which integrates the best NLP concepts, providing you with the awareness, skills and confidence necessary to generate more effective outcomes in your life.

Course is split into two four-day modules:
Module 1: March 23-26 2018
Module 2: April 13-16 2018

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NLP Practitioner Certification – Melbourne

An internationally recognised 8-day course which integrates the best NLP concepts, providing you with the awareness, skills and confidence necessary to generate more effective outcomes in your life.

Course is split into two four-day modules:
Mod 1: August 3-6, 2018
Mod 2: September 28-1 October, 2018

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NLP Master Practitioner Certification

An advanced 8-day course invaluable for managers, consultants, coaches, corporate trainers or anyone who has completed NLP Practitioner. Master Practitioner can fast-track career development options through our NLP certification at a Master level.

Course is split into two four-day modules:
Mod 1: May 4-7, 2018
Mod 2: May 18-21, 2018

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